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I have a collection of cakes, cupcakes, and cookie images on my website at www.cakedesignsbyfran.com. You can see them by clicking on the link. I am located in the Thomasville, High Point area, and deliver to Greensboro, Burlington, and Lexington.

When you visit my website, you will notice links at the top to email or text me. Please include your name and how you found me in your text or email. Please put “Cake Request” in the Subject Line. I also have a “Request a Quote Form” on the website which you can also use. Because there are so many calls and even text/email messages from unknown and unwanted callers, I prefer the text and email method as a first contact. That way, I can add you to my contacts so I won’t hang up on an unknown number or delete an unknown emailer. I’m sure that you understand why I make this request.

I look forward to seeing you at my website.  Thank you for reading my blog and have an awesome day!




I’m back!

Good afternoon Cake Designs by Fran followers!

It’s been several weeks since I wrote a post. It has been quite crazy around here since gaining the use of our refrigerator again. So, I wanted to give you an update on what I’ve done recently.

I did a couple of cupcake orders, and 2 birthday cakes. Here they are, in order of how they were delivered. The first 2 were just this past weekend.

The first cake was for my son, who is a big deer hunter. I pulled the cake out of the box, upon delivery, and just laid the deer on top, totally overlooking how it would look in the picture. Although, there were about 6 kids running around in the small kitchen area and I was lucky it didn’t land on the floor.  Just trying to make sure I got a picture.

The second image is my granddaughter’s cake, and a testing opportunity for a carved topsy turvy cake And, of course, the figurine on top. I’ve come to the realization that I need to stop using buttercream under fondant. All future cakes will have milk, dark, or white chocolate as the base.

The bottom two images are a cupcake order I had on the books for about a month and a half or so. The shells were made to go along with the extra 2 dozen cupcakes that were piped with the white icing as half the swirl and the reddish icing as the top of the swirl, to match the crab cupcake cake. However, I failed to photograph the iced cupcakes because I was hoping they would get photographed after the fondant shells were added. They were delivered to the customers work and not the venue. I didn’t want the decorations to get all soggy in the buttercream.

The third image, cupcake handbag cake, was requested on Monday, for Friday delivery, of the week of the 4 dozen cupcake crab cake order that was due on Thursday. Of course, it was pretty easy to say “Yes” to this additional order since it was the Aunt to the other cupcake order. That customer being the one making the initial contact, asking if I could do this for her aunt. And, she is a return customer, as I did the cupcake Dinosaur cake for her several months ago.

Now, after doing a little house cleaning, I plan to bake up some 6″ rounds to decorate in different ways. So be on the lookout, and if you are following me on Facebook, you’ll see what I’ve done as soon as I have a chance to post the photos.

Have a great day! I look forward to seeing you on my website. Please feel free to leave your comments on my “Leave Comments” page at https://www.cakedesignsbyfran.com.

Until next time.  Fran



Good morning Cake Designs by Fran followers!

Today’s topic is about the title: IT’S JUST CAKE!!!

Well, quite to the contrary, it’s not JUST CAKE!!! If you’re still thinking that way, please stop. Go to the grocery store and buy a box of cake with a container of icing. Take it home and set the 2 items on your counter. Now, turn the box around and look at the ingredients you need to prepare it. Did you remember to buy eggs and oil? Oops! You may be taking another trip to the grocery store. I know, because I’ve made more then one trip to the grocery store when working on a cake, because I didn’t look to see if I had something I needed.

OK! You’re wanting to make a birthday cake, but not just any cake. Your plan is to make a  fancy custom cake with piped borders and flowers. No! Wait! You didn’t want borders and flowers, but that does sound nice. So, did you purchase enough boxes of cake mix. If you’re going to make a fancy cake, you’ll either want it to be a sheet cake or a tiered cake. Do you know what a tiered cake is? Can you handle a sheet cake once the baking is done and it’s time to remove it from the pan to cool? Did you get a cake board or boards for your cake? You’ll also need a box or two(2) to store either a sheet or tiered cake. A tiered cake is a combination of 2 or more layers stacked one on top of the other. If you make a tier with more then 3 layers, you will need to add a cake board and dowels for support of additional layers.

Have you actually sat down and drawn out a design for your cake, calculated all the ingredients, purchased the pans, parchment paper, shortening, flour, extra cake boards and boxes, and dowels/straws? And probably a few things I have forgotten. Well, if not, you’ll need to draw a design and gather all the above-mentioned items and ingredients before you start. Then, of course, there’s the decorating, piping flowers and borders.

Also, you probably have a full time job, maybe a part time job, let’s say, 3 kids, baseball, football, soccer, or any number of sports and activities your family might be into. So, do you really have time to make a custom cake?

So, do you now understand that,  IT’S NOT JUST CAKE!!!?

Having taken all the Wilton classes, some more then once, offered by my local Hobby Lobby, contracting a Wilton certified instructor, who also offered various classes of her own creation, which I have also taken, makes me uniquely qualified to make your custom cake. Classes like her Spring and Summer flowers, Wedding Cake design, Baby Shoes, Chocolate Roses, Cattleya Lily, Peony, Hibiscus, and the list goes on. Not to mention, the online Craftsy classes. Those I chose to purchase and watch, but also, those I purchased and watched because I had someone suggest a cake design that there was actually a class for, and then going in a totally different direction. I’m still waiting to make a hamburger cake if anyone is interested.

Then, there are all the tools, pans, and creative ideas I have for the design of your cake. Two metal shelving units, 2 cabinets with doors full of baking and decorating tools and supplies, a couple of re-purposed CD stands with model car cases I’ve used for displaying some of the flowers listed above, and other cake related creations in, and a good part of the 6 foot bar cabinet in the kitchen, filled with pans for baking and containers for icing, mostly re-purposed shortening containers. They are perfect for large amounts of icing.

Well? Is it JUST CAKE? Or is it the masterpiece that everyone says; “wait, let me take a picture before you cut it”, kind of cake? There’s not a cake I’ve delivered that everyone hasn’t gathered around with their smartphones taking pictures. Also, comments of “It’s too pretty to cut.” Even my Dentist came out and said about a cake I’d taken to them where I tried some new techniques, “It’s beautiful! Do you mind if we take some pictures of it and post it on our Facebook page?” Well, absolutely!


When a couple gets married, there are always pictures of the bride and groom with the cake. I know this because my previous creative endeavor was as a professional photographer and I photographed weddings. When you go to a wedding, what are you talking about afterwords? The dress and the wedding cake. And, on the brides photography list, ‘Get us with the wedding cake’.

The wedding cake or any other style cake is the centerpiece of the event. CUSTOM CAKES ARE NOT, JUST CAKE!!! They are works of art, central to your celebration.

My recipes are all scratch made, and created with a lot of trial and error. In other words, there were a lot of wasted ingredients. When an order is paid and an item is needed to complete that order, that’s not in my supplies, I will purchase it. I make my own fondant in 2 different versions, icing in about 5 or 6 different versions, but Gumpaste I still purchase, pre-made. I do have a recipe for that, but haven’t ventured to making it yet.

All cakes are custom; i.e., require time in planning, ingredients, mixing, baking, storage supplies like plastic wrap and zip bags, design elements requiring drying time, and creative thinking. So, contact me TODAY to work with you on the masterpiece creating details of the cake for your next event! You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope I’ve helped you to understand that a custom cake is not, JUST CAKE, but a masterpiece created by the mastermind behind all the tools, ingredients, recipes and baking necessities necessary to make it happen, leaving YOU to the handling of all other details of your event. Because CAKE HANDLED!!!

Have an awesome day!  Fran, your cake decorating mastermind.


Up and coming this week

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks with cakes. Being a home baker, I currently work on a ‘one cake per week’ basis. The first was an Easter cake for an employee of the bank who had family coming in and wanted an extra desert for them. I had taken some of the Easter cupcakes I made recently to the employees at the bank, and she was on vacation that week and missed out.  She said, I understand I missed out on some cupcakes and you know what they left me, the empty container. LOL!!! She told me that most everybody in the family loved pineapple and she wanted me to do a pineapple filled cake. So I did. I’ve yet to hear how it was, but I will be checking with her tomorrow.

Simply BC Cake1

The other cake is my grandson’s birthday cake. He is 6 years old and as wild as they come. He can ride a 4 wheeler, plays baseball, goes fishing with one Pawpaw and hoping to go soon with the other Pawpaw. Yap! Somehow 2 out of 3 grandfathers are called Pawpaw. Anyway, this was obviously a lot of work this week. A tackle box which turned out to be more like one of those baggy nylon styles then what I had planned, but nothing like trying new things on family. However, it turned out pretty well. The lid actually  stayed up long enough to get a few pictures, and then it fell over on the gummy worms as soon as I turned away. A krispie treats sand dune with gumpaste starfish and other elements, plus isomalt fish and weights from molds I made of Pawpaw’s lures, laying in the water. I made part of the board like a dock with the textured boards and nails. Of course I missed painting the nails silver. Oh well, it happens. I did get the ribbon glued to the board this time. I’ve overlooked that a couple of times also.

My next try at paneling will be with modeling chocolate, I’m sure. A stiffer medium that should stand up better then the marshmallow fondant I thought from a test was going to work. What was I thinking? Ding, ding, ding!

6th Birthday Cake1

So, now on to Up and coming this week. Here’s an offer for you if you live in the Piedmont Triad area of NC. Click on the link below to see your offer. I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks…Fran

Birthday invitation flyer (8" x 8")